Movie Review: Ondu Motteya Kathe (Egghead)

So some thoughts after seeing this movie (spoiler alert):

So, this movie basically is about the trials and tribulations of a late 20’s Kannada lecturer (Janardhan) trying to find a suitable bride.  It’s entertaining, funny, and enjoyable, though I think its messaging is quite dangerous and any Hindu man focused on getting the most out of life has to watch this movie with a critical eye:

– Why did the movie drop the self-improvement subplot?  There was a scene in which the main character starts working out, but we never have the chance to see his transformation.  No discussion of learning game or learning to dress well.  He is a bald, not great looking guy, so he has no right to pursue anyone better.  Total crap, and super blue pill.

– Why did he reject the offer from his much prettier colleague?  Was it because he didn’t want to be second choice after she was rejected by the alpha English lecturer?

– All of a sudden Jaanu becomes obsessed with Janardhan because she thought that he saw her inner beauty?  Ok, fine, but then Janardhan then starts to see her inner beauty solely due to her obsession with him, which was originally based on a lie…see the contradiction here?

– I wonder what devout Hindus will think about the scene in which he bribed an astrologer.  Is the field so corruptible?  What if the process of matching stars can be automated with an algorithm – in that case will the process maintain its mystique?

– Also one interesting point about how people look down on him for being a Kannada lecturer.  Are they trying to say that regional languages are dying?  If so, doesn’t the job of a Kannada lecturer become that much more important for self preservation?


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